Tom Boon (tomboon) wrote,
Tom Boon

Faux Past

It's surprising how a small action can have such wide-reaching consequences.  Having taken on a replacement computer at work (as the one I've used since 2002 has been a little slow of late), I have been uninstalling some of the software I don't need. I got this message:

Past history

Just a simple mouse-click later, I was trying to remember where I had put down the scissors five minutes previously, and I couldn't.  Nor could I remember what scissors were, why I wanted them or even who I was. 

I realised to my horror that I had wiped out the whole of human history. Not only was there no back-up, but no way of rectifying my little mistake -- there is no longer any past to travel back to and stop myself clicking that button.

Sorry everyone. Look, it never happened, okay?

The really good news is that I have a handy error message that I find useful in circumstances such as these.

Human error

In other developments, I paid 120.9 pence per litre of petrol last week.

Nature notes: Lots of flies, greenfly and whitefly. Not that many bees, though a fortnight ago I did see the black shadow of a swarm hanging from a tree alongside the Thames. Wished I'd brought my camera.

Two weeks ago I found three headless fledgelings on my lawn. Well, they had hardly any feathers so not yet fledgelings really. I only noticed when I stepped back from looking at the pear tree and trod on one of them. Cat owners must be used to this kind of thing but I'm not. There aren't even may cats in this district so I blame the squirrels -- stealing baby birds and eating part of them is just squirrel style. I buried the birdlings under the magnolia tree. I can't remember my sainted cat Todd ever catching anything. He wouldn't even chase a marble. Enlightened feline.


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