Tom Boon (tomboon) wrote,
Tom Boon

In which I am insulted by Corel

Got this from Corel today. I mean, really. Thanks a bunch.

No Value

Perhaps owing to another glitch they have e-mailed somebody else saying "Dear Valued customer, as a woman of easy virtue..." I do hope so.

Not that Corel's worldview is necessarily one to be shared, as I discovered when they e-mailed me back in December:

Corel overkill

Naturally I took the phrase "best Christmas ever" to imply that The Corel Team would create World Peace and happy times for everybody. Instead, it turned out that Corel believed that offering a 5% discount off its product range for a day would represent my "best Christmas ever". Yours excitedly indeed. Maybe "yours rather too excitably for comfort" would be more appropriate.


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