February 23rd, 2008


Railway Cutting and other nonsense

How am I going to get back?

I used the National Rail journey planner a few months ago. That was a disappointment.

Time Travel

Never mind. Debenhams is here to cheer me up, with a letter copywritten by somebody who has set the hyperbole level a little too high.

Gloss coat 

After all that stimulation I need a set of New Age CDs to calm me down. Alas the only ones I can find appear to tell a terrifying story of the gradual stages of Climate Change.

Climate Discs

Talking of the climate, this January I saw no butterflies. Did see two bumblebees though, on different  occasions. They were just flying about -- nothing like the skilled one I read about in The Independent.


Finally I have no idea why I found the following so funny. I dare say I should get out more.

Strange Taste